Dear Families, 

 Superior Central is excited to offer tutoring/academic support to our middle and high school students. After school help will be available from 3:15 until 4:15; Monday - Thursday. In order to have your student participate, we ask that you hold them accountable for meeting the following expectations so that we can create a positive experience and productive learning environment for all students. 


 • Any student in the building after school will be expected to be in tutoring/academic support (Mrs. Hancock’s room or Mrs. McDonnald’s room).

 • Students will report to the instructor for attendance and speak to instructor about what they need to do for the hour. 

 • Students will work quietly; doing homework, studying, getting help from the instructor, reading, researching, writing, etc. 

 • Chromebooks are only allowed for work; games are not allowed. Failure to follow this expectation will result in the loss of Chromebook during tutoring/academic support. • Before leaving, students must sign out, noting the time. 

 • Students must be picked up at 4:15. Students leaving prior to 4:15 must leave the building. 

 • Tutoring/academic support will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday unless otherwise noted. 

 Students who do not comply with these expectations will be asked to leave and may lose the privilege of attending after school tutoring/academic support altogether. Upon the first issue of this nature, the instructor will contact the parent/guardian. If noncompliance continues, the student will not be permitted to attend after school tutoring/academic support. We want this to be a valuable resource for students to enhance and improve their academics. We thank you in advance for your support. 


 Bill Valima